Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Having A Baby At 40 - Putting The Brakes On An Aging Reproductive System!

Women today are not only running the household but possibly a business as well which does not leave a lot of time for having babies.

It may not be till she is 40 that she is able to focus her attention on getting pregnant. Her doctor may fill her head with all the things that can go wrong if she is having a baby at 40 (egg quality, down syndrome in the baby and genetic abnormalities). But it is a fact more and more women at the age of 40 are giving birth to healthy babies.

Some adjustments and treatments may be needed to restore the reproductive system to a more youthful state by slowing the pace of ovarian aging. This can be greatly helped by:

Eating whole foods such as organic fruit and vegetables, which will restore vitality. This is done by.

Not smoking and drinking alcohol even moderately as it will age you prematurely and bring on an early menopause. Other stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks and herbal teas can be harmful also.

Moderately exercising at least 3 times a work will improve circulation to the bodies' organs bathing the ovaries and egg with nourishment from rich, oxygenated blood.

A woman's ovaries may respond negatively to poor diet, toxins and stress hormones but they will also respond positively to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

As a woman grows older her hormones begin to fluctuate causing her ovaries to be unpredictable and the eggs to no longer respond to the reproductive hormones. Her FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) levels rise and she may have problems ovulating.

A healthy hormonal cycle is essential for women of any age to conceive so Chinese acupuncture and medicine can be used to restore normal hormonal function. This has the flow through effect of improving egg quality and rejuvenating the reproductive system.

Most natural pregnancy programs use acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies in their treatments as opposed to modern fertility clinics that often recommend that a woman 40 or over use donor eggs. This is not considered an option for many couples for personal reasons of their own. Women have turned to acupuncture after many failed IVF attempts and 6 months later after treatments for hormonal fluctuations and ovarian failure have conceived with their first child.

The Chinese have been helping women with fertility issues for thousands of years and have had plenty of time to perfect their art. Acupuncture is not an expensive treatment but it is very successful.

Natural fertility treatments and methods are safe and effective especially with women who are of an advanced maternal age. If you are set on having a baby at 40 acupuncture is worth looking at first.

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